Statscan Summary

All came out as expected – but below the average crop guesses.

That is because this data was surveyed in late July

and crops have improved through August in almost all areas.

I would add about 3-5 % to all these July numbers to get a realistic

estimate of current crop potential.

SPRING WHT – came in at 25.1 mmt vs 23.9 last year – crop now is likely closer to 26.0.

CANOLA – came in at 18.45 mmt vs 20.34 last year – crop is now likely more 18.9-19.2 mmt.

OATS – came in at 3.95 mmt vs 3.436 last year – crop is now likely more like 4.2 mmt

BARLEY – came in at 9.6 mmt vs 8.4 last year – crop is likely 9.8-9.9 now