Pooling and Open Market

G.E.C. Director driven policies have and, continue to offer growers access to grain storage, handling, purchase, and marketing services; all with an economical standard operating cost (S.O.C). Our producers / customers have access to several marketing and pricing options for conventional grain, corn or, oilseed crops they may choose to produce. Grain pooling arrangements offer an average price and timely cash advances with the marketing onus on G.E.C. and continues to be available; being foundational to our original business operating principles, but over the years, has been enhanced by our utilization of Risk Management futures & options trading along with forward contracting to lock in prices. We also offer daily spot pricing for crops that meet our grading standards and quality criteria. Crop contracting has also enhanced our marketing and forward pricing for crops like soybeans creating an environment where growers know what the return will be and whether it should be locked in or not. As more volume, on farm drying, conditioning and storage takes place at the farm level, spot pricing has become a more viable option providing grade & delivery standards are met and maintained. Many growers contact our facilities to reference pricing and market trend information that our business is prepared to provide. But in return, we would appreciate the opportunity to offer a purchase price and affiliated transportation if required. So for those of you opting to invest in on farm storage, drying and grain handling equipment, please allow us an opportunity to offer a competitive price quote provided product grade standards are met or adjusted, if not. It is important as well to note that grower voluntary decisions to sell crops like “food” wheat into export markets outside of Atlantic Canada, means that varietal identification needs to be reported by the seller in accordance with Canada Grain Commission regulations or, the transaction may be rejected. Mandatory sustainability criteria documentation for soybean “food” out of region export is also under investigation to ensure market access in global food markets. Global Food insecurity has reached levels never seen before and if an opportunity presents itself these new sustainability criteria; apparently need to be considered.

In closing our overall business performance results are published in an annual report submitted to the P.E.I legislature. The report is available through the Island Information Service, P.E.I Department of Agriculture and Land 5th floor Jones Building Charlottetown or the G.E.C administrative office upper floor of the Post office building in Kensington, P.E.I. Check us out!

We look forward to adapting business practices allowing increasing crop diversity for crops like dry corn and are doing our best to address transportation constraints like trucking access or mechanisms to enhance harbour, marine, rail or container infrastructure access due to inflationary impacts related to both imports and exports. Volume makes a difference! In closing, the opportunity to do business with you is appreciated and feel free to reach out any time to see how our business can help market your high quality crop to our end use customers!