PEI GEC update

Stats Canada stated last week that Corn & Wheat cares are going to be up and Soybean acres will be down across the country.

Corn futures were unchanged early Thursday, but still near its highest prices in eight months .

All wheat’s are slightly lower on today’s market.Day two of the Wheat Quality Council’s Hard Red Wheat tour estimated a yield of 35.2 bushels an acre, down from 46.9 bushels a year ago. A harsh dry winter is to blame on the reduced crop. The 2018 crop could be about 90-110 million bushels below last year, However US exports are slower than normal as competition around the world has cut into their market share.
Soybeans are down 5 cents early as US and Chinese officials meet to discuss trade differences — a topic that means a lot to US soybean prices and does have an impact on our prices.