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P.E.I. Grain Elevators - 2016 Update

We wish all GEC clients and customers a prosperous 2016.

For cereals, farmers experienced excellent yield and quality results for most of 2015. This was due in large measure to the exceptional growing conditions encountered and the excellent agronomic management exhibited by growers. DON and related field diseases were virtually non-existent this past year. We hope this trend continues!

On the other hand, a wet fall continued to plague local soybean and corn growers. Overall, yields of soybeans were average to only slightly above average as compared to the previous year. The corn harvest and yield was reduced by the late spring planting and plagued by long protracted periods of wet weather, delaying the harvest until the latter part of December 2015 or later. Notwithstanding, all GEC crop export contractual commitments were realized.

Growers should be aware that local and regional prices for the 2015/16 shipping season remain bearish compared to previous years. Price prospects for 2016 are similar. International, North American and regional supply/demand factors are at play despite improvements in Canadian crop rail movements logistics. Despite a weaker Canadian dollar, the fundamentals do not appear to suggest that this lower price trend will change anytime soon. In the meantime, we hope that this grain/oilseed analysis and 2016 situation and outlook included for PEI crops is relevant to you, our valued customers as planting decisions for the coming year are contemplated and or finalized.

Grain Elevators

  • Kensington
    Wade Waddell
    Plant Supervisor


  • Roseneath
    Joseph  Vandenberghe
    Plant Supervisor

  • Elmsdale
    Donald Stewart
    Plant Supervisor

  • Head Office

    Neil Campbell
    General Manager

    Michael Delaney
    Director Strategic Planning

    Joann Lowther  Financial Manager

    Barbara Walker Accounting Tech

    Derrith MacDougall Admin Support Worker