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Business Planning

GEC is the principal marketer of in excess of 60,000 metric tonnes of cereal and oilseed crops.  A variety of crops are marketed: including milling wheat, feed wheat, barley, oats sometimes corn and soybeans.

This year the Corporation expects to market in excess of 22,000 metric tonnes of soybeans which is well over half of the total storage capacity.  Milling Wheat is grown specifically for human consumption.  GEC handles several thousand tonnes of milling wheat and several thousand more of high quality feed grain for livestock feed. 

Customers now include the fish and fur industry; the business has augmented its storage and handling capacity by an additional 4,000 metric tonnes for cereal and oilseed crops.  Future investments may include provisions for new crops such as canola, as they become incorporated into the rotational system.  Since canola seed is very small, and runs like water, specialized handling equipment and facilities are required.

Future capital plans, (acting on recommendations obtained from an Infrastructure assessment report completed in 2008), will be based on a continuing ability to access new and service existing markets for products such as cereals, milling wheat and oilseeds.

Grain Elevators

  • Kensington
    Wade Waddell
    Plant Supervisor


  • Roseneath
    Joseph  Vandenberghe
    Plant Supervisor

  • Elmsdale
    Donald Stewart
    Plant Supervisor

  • Head Office

    Neil Campbell
    General Manager

    Michael Delaney
    Director Strategic Planning

    Joann Lowther  Financial Manager

    Barbara Walker Accounting Tech

    Derrith MacDougall Admin Support Worker